Grab the Lube and Turn on Some Marvin: It’s #SexWeek

The Rival Network Presents: Sex Week 2016

Brain Like NYU | Catherine Foley | February 25, 2016

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Hey, What’s Up, HELLO

Guess what’s coming? (cheap joke — we know, we don’t care)

Starting February 28th, The Rival Network will devote an entire week to everything and anything related to sex: hook-up culture, sexuality, gender, romance, relationships, virginity, sexual abuse, and everything in between.

Let’s get weeeirddd NYU. But let’s also get real.

To make this even better, we’re going to feature your sex secrets at the bottom of every article published this week.

That’s right, we want to know the things that not even your mom, your therapist, or even your on-going group text knows.

Tell us the good, the bad, the weird as fuck, the surprisingly enjoyable, the ugly, and the worst (it’s all g, NYUers, someone has to have been there before). So dig deep and bring forward those awkward memories you’ve shoved to the back of your mind and share them with us, because, you know, it’s cool. You can talk to us. And it’s 100 percent anonymous — what happens during Rival Sex Week, stays at Rival Sex Week, amirite?

Go wild, kids.