We Don’t Scream For Pretzel Ice Cream?

212 To My City | Becca Miller | March 8, 2016

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An abnormally warm February afternoon calls for ice cream. But, of course, in the spirit of my last rival article, it has to be a weird one. #can’tstopwon’tstop

Round two of the weird food challenge: Pretzel soft serve from Milk Bar, at 13th street and 2nd ave. Milk bar is known for their funky fresh combinations: milk ice cream, birthday cake truffles and the oh so delicious crack pie (CAUTION: no real crack is involved in the making of this dessert). So I rolled in, hoping to find something pretty freaking unusual.

Unusual is definitely the word I would use.

Can you imagine licking several tablespoons of salt, eating a pretzel covered in caramel, nibbling on a stick of butter, and craving water all in one bite? That was the trajectory of this flavor adventure. 

It was a roller coaster of calories and flavors, the best kind of roller coaster, and I kept going back for more, I just couldn’t stop eating. After 4 bites, all I wanted was several gulps of water to counter-act the extreme salt content of the ice cream. And after 6 bites, I wanted some toast to go with the stick of butter I seemed to be attempting to digest.

Now, if you think about it, pretzels are covered in salt and butter, and, dependent on the bite, I got some pretzel notes but one too many butter notes. I’d say this soft serve was an accurate portrayal of everyone’s favorite mall snack, but that doesn’t mean it makes a good dessert. In fact I’d be pretty disappointed if after a meal this is what I was greeted with as a sweet treat.

If you’re a fan of strange food (as I’m guessing you are because you’re reading about this), give Milk Bar a try, but beware that this is not your classic ice cream.

Now the question becomes: can we even consider this to be ice cream? It makes me question if what comes to mind when I think about ice cream is even the proper definition at all. If pretzel ice cream can still be ice cream it may no longer be one of my favorite desserts. I just hope that people avoid trying to make this a fad, I don’t think people can handle steak or asparagus ice cream.