Winter Smorgasburg: The Superior Smorgasburg

Why is Winter Smorgasburg better than Summer Smorgasburg?

212 To My City | Mareah Younes | March 9, 2016

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Unpopular opinion time: Winter Smorgasburg is better than Summer Smorgasburg. There, I said it. I know, Summer Smorgasburg is so pretty. The Williamsburg location has a great view of the Manhattan skyline, the outdoor space gives it a very “festival” feel, and it’s super close to Artists and Fleas as well as tons of cafés and thrift shops. But… Winter Smorgasburg still has the upper-hand, and here’s why.

First, it is at Industry City in Sunset Park. It is in a 50,000 square foot concrete warehouse with huge windows and a different view of the Manhattan skyline. So basically it’s every dream you’ve ever had about Brooklyn lofts come to life. Beautiful views, natural lighting, and tons of space… what more could you ask for? Also, being indoors means you aren’t subject to the elements. No matter snow or rain, wind or hail, blistering heat or freezing cold, you get to be in the comfort of a climate-controlled building. Also… there’s a REAL bathroom!

Another great thing is the food. All your favorites from Summer Smorgasburg are there and some more. Not only that, but the food is perfectly arranged into two sections: “food” food, and coffee and pastries. Better yet, they lie on opposite ends of the warehouse so that you can eat, shop, then cap it off with a cup of coffee and a donut the size of your face.


But wait… did I just say shopping? YES I SAID SHOPPING. Brooklyn Fleas has partnered with Smorgasburg to bring the consumer the ultimate shopping and eating experience. Between all your chewing and slurping, you can feast your eyes on rows of trinkets and jewelry and posters and furniture and caps and chocolates and dresses and jackets and so much more. It truly is a sight to behold. And not only is there a ton of variety, but because most are vintage pieces, they come at a pretty fair price. And when they don’t, haggling is an option.

My roommate bought this *see image below* real fur coat for $50, when it was originally $150! So yes, you can actually get a good deal.


Overall, I would say you shouldn’t let the distance or the venue deter you. The food is great, the shopping is prime, and the experience is just enjoyable as a whole. So round up some friends and make your way over to Sunset Park!