March Madness Bracket: NYU Schools Division | The Semi-Final...

Who's it gonna be, kids?

Brain Like NYU | The Rival | March 23, 2016

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Week two of March Madness is here! We know you’re experiencing the hungover haze of the first week back from spring break, so now is the perfect time to kick back, grab a drink, and catch up on the fierce competition. The semi-finals proved to be as intense as we thought they would be, so here’s the re-cap:

The Seeds:

  • Tisch
  • CAS
  • Stern
  • SPS

Game 1:

Tisch vs. Stern

The anticipation of this game has been felt all over Washington Square for the last week, and that was shown by the unbelievable fan turn out. The stadium was packed, the Tisch marching band was on-point, and the energy inside was nothing short of electric. The Stern team got on the court ready to fucking go. They shed their beloved Brooks Brothers for some warmer weather salmon khaki shorts and striped Vineyard Vines polos. The lights dimmed, smoke machines were used, and they strutted out to the sound of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do is Win.” Tisch responded by dancing and snapping their way onto the court West Side Story style, and prepared a FLASH MOB throughout the entire stadium. Safe to say the first fifteen minutes of this event were bananasAlthough two Stern players were thrown off the court for verbally abusing a Dramatic Writing and Performance Studies double major, three other Tisch students had mental breakdowns due to the stress of studio and rehearsals and were subsequently sent to student health center. Stern ultimately destroyed Tisch by employing well-timed and soul-crushing taunts that went unnoticed by the ref and eventually undermined the team’s morale. The final score was 89-65.

Game 2:


Because this game took place smack in the middle of spring break, the turn out wasn’t as astonishing as the Tisch vs. Stern game (we know you wanted to come, but clearly the lure of bottomless margaritas and temperatures that broke 60 degrees was too much to pass up on. It’s fine.) However, many of the students who stayed in the city made their way over to show their love and support, which translated to the overall atmosphere at this game. We didn’t even notice the empty seats because what the crowd lacked in numbers they made up for with heart and dedication. CAS looked fresh-faced and new, clearly done with all their midterms and ready to leave it all on the court, chanting and shouting things like: “Let’s fucking gooooo!” and “We don’t even care that we’re all English and Chemistry majors!” (Seriously, they made that a chant. Wasn’t half bad.) SPS was more reserved and professional, walking strictly on the court without saying anything and pounding their fists on the ground multiple times (we get it, School of Professional Studies. Yeah, same.) The game was pretty evenly matched until the final ten minutes of the second half, when CAS put in their real MVPs: the Physics majors. They had been quietly studying the distance from the rim and the launch angle at which they needed to shoot in order to ensure that the ball made it into the net every time. This gave them the clear advantage and they ended up defeating SPS 76-65.


The championship game will be next week, when Stern faces off against CAS. We anticipate it to be a nail biter, since up to this point both teams have shown tremendous amounts of heart, strategy, and talent.