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Pranks to play on your friends from around the city!

212 To My City | Mareah Younes | April 1, 2016

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Do your friends ever ask you to send them things from New York, because… well it’s New York? Yeah, me too, so I thought with April Fool’s coming up, I could get a little creative.

So you have two basic options: shipping services, and joke shops in the city.

So for starters, there’s always New York Costume in the East Village. Tis a little known fact that in addition to their impressive range of costumes (from sexy bubblegum to sexy crayon), New York Costume also boasts a section of gag gifts. So stuff an envelope with plastic roaches, or “dog doo,” and call it an April Fool’s Day well done.

At the Balloon Saloon in Tribeca, you can step it up a notch with fake roaches that actually move, a fake bloody finger, or a fake piece of chewed gum! Or better yet, buy a nicely shaped box and fill it with fake chocolates from this clever shop. There’s also the option to send your particularly squeamish friend a book of the world’s deadliest animals. So there’s a few more for you.

I, however, am planning to use a shipping service. So here are some of the options I perused:

Ship Your Enemies Glitter: As the name would say, this service will send the person of your choosing a bag filled with glitter. Although with the mess it makes, I feel like it really is only for your enemies.

Mayobymail: Send this one to the mayo-hater in your life, we all have one. Again, exactly what you’d think, this service will ship your friend an envelope filled with mayo.

And here’s where I figured out what I’ll be sending my friend. Joker Greeting Cards specializes in singing cards in many varieties (Happy Birthday, Congratulations, I’m Sorry, etc.). Here’s the catch, the cards don’t stop singing until the batteries die after over three hours of sweet music, or until you destroy the card somehow. On April 1st, my friend will receive the “Thinking of You” card. It depicts a disco ball with the phrase “You Always Had All the Moves,” and the inscription on the inside says: “Now You’ll Always Have the Music.” And then once the card is opened, the Macarena will play for over three hours.

With love from New York,


Mareah. 😉