#StudentProfileWeek: Phenomenal Photography

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Brain Like NYU | Christina Aldime | April 4, 2016

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Jordi Foster

All students who attend NYU are phenomenal in their own way. To attend such a prestigious and competitive school, only the most creative, innovative, and passionate student can survive and thrive. Jordi Foster, a photographer who attends the College of Arts and Science, recently started a project that would:

“showcase black beauty by compiling a collection of black women of different skin tones and body types.”

The project began February 2016 during Black History Month. Foster hopes that this collection will promote positivity among black women when thinking of their bodies.

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Jordi Foster was born in Kingston, Jamaica and is majoring in Physics and Mathematics. He wants to pursue actuarial science or a career focused around the development of solar energy. At the moment he is applying for undergraduate diversity research programs to study racial epistemologies that exist in our society. Foster is an active member of the Gentleman of Quality brotherhood as well as the Caribbean Student Union on Campus.

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One of Foster’s main supporters is his father. He says,

“Although he did not finish high school, since I was a boy I’ve seen my father turn his ideas into a reality.  He is savvy, intelligent and never fails to sacrifice anything for me.”

Another one of his huge supporters is Frances Murray Peterson, a teacher who helped him through his last two years of high school when he first came to America.

It is imperative that we support our fellow students and let them know that we believe in their work. When we have our own passions it is encouraging to know that our peers believe in us as well. To see more of Foster’s work visit his Facebook page: “Jordi’s Freelance Photography” and Instagram: @itz_jordii.

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