#StudentProfileWeek: Anjana Sreedhar, IR Major by Day, Super...

The city preferences and scoop from Senior, IR Major, Anjana

212 To My City | Mareah Younes | April 6, 2016

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Who is Anjana Sreedhar you might ask? Well first, I’m surprised you had to ask… I mean she has leadership positions for days and is super outgoing, but let’s start by saying this: Anjana is currently a Senior in the International Relations department of CAS, she was born in India and lived in Seychelles until she was five, when she and her family moved to the US of A. And now they live in Edison, New Jersey. As for how I know her, Anjana is my super cool RA at Third North, so there’s that.

So this section is “212 to My City,” so I asked Anjana some questions about the city, based on the fact that she’s now been here for four years. And here are her answers:

  1. Top Three Dining Restaurants:
    1. La Palapa
    2. Serendipity (especially for dessert, looking at you, frozen hot chocolate)
    3. Bareburger
  2. Top Three Dining Halls:
    1. Hayden
    2. Palladium
    3. Kimmel
  3. Favorite annual event in the city: NYCAASC, the NYC Asian American Student Conference
  4. Favorite annual NYU event: Hungama, Monsoon
  5. Favorite spots on campus: As a freshman, the 8th floor of Bobst, and as a senior, the La-Guardia co-op.
  6. Best time of year to be here: Spring, Summer is a close second only because the weather is so gross and you are “Pouring sweat out of everything”
  7. Best thing New York has to offer: People, a diverse population of different races, perspectives, backgrounds, and walks of life
  8. Worst part about the city: It is very lonely and too fast-paced, people don’t say hi to each other on the street
  9. Assumptions your non-NY/non-NYU friends make about you living here: Relatives that don’t live in the USA think she was always in Central Park and Rockefeller Center, at the end of her first semester, she visited India and her relatives were astonished to hear she hadn’t yet been to a Broadway show, people often think living here requires a lot of discipline, people often assume you never have enough time, which is generally true, and some people assumed she would be too cool for them at some point and would carry herself differently
  10. Would you want to keep living here after graduating if possible: Definitely, but excited to leave (Anjana is moving to D.C.) because 4 years of constantly being on the go is exhausting
  11. Best Borough: Queens, best South Asian food and the only easily recognizable Hindu temple in the city
  12. If you could put NYU in a different neighborhood: Williamsburg, or Jackson Heights/Elmhurst because they’re more diverse and the typical college student needs a more “Shocking” experience
  13. Best Manhattan neighborhood: UN Area because of the cool buildings and being able to walk by the water
  14. Worst Manhattan neighborhood: Chelsea Piers is too sketchy at night
  15. Craziest city happening you’ve ever seen: As a freshman, things being filmed in Washington Square, and everyday walking through Union Square, seeing everything going on (hearing chess, protests and a Hindu group playing drums and singing)
  16. Coolest celeb sighting
    1. Suraj Sharma from Life of Pi, bumped into him at Weinstein (pictured below)IMG_0065
    2. Cole Sprouse in Bobst elevator
    3. Rachel Maddow
    4. Anna Holmes, Founder of jezebel
    5. Eve Ensler
    6. Elizabeth Plank
  17. Uber or Yellow: Uber, easier and guaranteed
  18. Starbucks or Think: Think
  19. Union Square or Washington Square: Washington Square
  20. Favorite micro-community in the city: Chinatown in Manhattan
  21. What classic NYC movie/show is most accurate:
    1. Friends is too posh for the middle class jobs they have, also they don’t encounter a single person of color throughout the show which seems unrealistic, same goes for How I Met Your Mother, although the living situation is moderately realistic
    2. Sex and the City is 100% not possible
  22. Hug from John Sexton or teatime with Andy Hamilton: “I’ve done both.” — Teatime with Andy Hamilton because he exhibits a willingness to change, and after Anjana saw him in a group, she sent him an e-mail and he responded
  23. Bobcats or Violets: Bobcats