My Mortality Crisis

212 To My City | Becca Miller | April 11, 2016

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This week a man became the second victim to a face slashing attack on the subway. At around 3 on Friday morning, an Israeli man awoke on the bench he was sleeping on in Bleecker Street subway station to a robber. After an altercation, the victims body was slashed and he was found climbing up the stairs of Bleecker bleeding profusely.

The day before this attack, a woman was pinned under a taxi on the corner of E 8th street and Greene Street when a cab driver lost control of his car and jumped onto the sidewalk. Although it still seems to be unknown as to why this accident occurred, multiple sources point to the driver’s medical emergency. Many NYU students witnessed the accident as it happened directly across from Weinstein Residence Hall.

These two events, occurring so close together, have me thinking about my safety in the city. I, as the extremely anxious human I am, take some serious precautions. My friends make fun of me because after 10 pm I will not take the subway alone. And after learning about the subway attack, I was reassured to know that my actions will help me avoid any face-slashing situations.

But I have to question, now, after a woman was run over by a car on the sidewalk, whether my precautionary actions have affect my safety in New York. I didn’t witness the pedestrian accident firsthand, but met several people who did, and I have to wonder about the lack of protection on a New York City sidewalk. This accident made me realize that we aren’t invincible.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you feel invincible too.  But living in Manhattan or Brooklyn or Queens, or really wherever your are, we must understand that the world is a pretty fucking scary place. This week, that’s what I’ve realized. And thats an okay thing. We must understand that we might not be safe on the subways or the sidewalks, and we should all take precautions. I’m still going to Uber home after 10 pm. I will cross the street with caution. Because now, more than ever,  I notice that I’m not indestructible.