The Pros and Cons of Adderall

My love affair with the study drug

Guilty Pleasures | The Rival | April 12, 2016

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PRO: high thoughts

I feel like a lightening bolt. I am the embodiment of intellectual precision. Everything I do from now on will get me that much closer to my goal. I must complete my work. Time is an illusion. It is endless and extraordinary. My approaching deadline is an electric force that drives my very being. I am engaged. I am focused. The outside world means nothing to me. Its only purpose was to give form to my task at hand.

CON: focusing on the wrong things

I have rewritten this sentence seven times. I am trying to express something, but it won’t come out the way I want it to. I can’t let go. The idea entangles itself in the front of my mind. I’d rather bend it to my will than move on because for some reason, it seems crucial. At least I organized my fridge alphabetically this morning.

PRO: reading is a breeze

I have to read 250 pages by tomorrow? No problem! Once I’ve started nothing else matters but continuing to flip pages. I’ve barely noticed the time pass.

CON: ignoring everything that’s not work

My stomach growls and pangs with ache. I remember I haven’t eaten since 12pm. Shit! It’s almost 8pm… That doesn’t matter now. What matters is what I’m doing and it is very important. I can’t lose focus. I can’t waste time. I have too much to do and eating will have to wait. Also, I have to pee, but that doesn’t feel as urgent either.

PRO: completing a week’s amount of assignments in one day

What would have taken me a week with my average amount of procrastination has now been done in one sitting. This is magical! I wish my mind always worked like this! What other work can I do now?

CON: messed up sleep schedule

Nine hours of intense concentration and three hours of residual focus has allowed me finish my assignment, and now its time to rest. Oh no…my mind is back to normal but my body is still buzzing with energy. I’m getting two hours of sleep; I better get an A or I’m going to fucking murder someone.

CON: weird mood swings

Finished my exam and my paper. I should be ecstatic, right? I get into the car to head home after exams and I start crying uncontrollably, then laughing. I think NYU broke me. Maybe this is because I haven’t slept in days? Nah, probably the Adderall.

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