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Brain Like NYU | The Rival | May 2, 2016

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As we all ship out for summer break (either physically or mentally), The Rival is going to be making some serious changes. We’re talking monumental, so that when we return from our brief summer hiatus we will be better equipped to handle killer content, a bigger staff, and most importantly, our amazing readers.

That being said, we are in fact hiring. If you think you can contribute to our staff as a Writer, Editor, Strategist, spiritual gangster, whathaveyou — this is your chance.

No resumes needed (though certainly welcome), just fill out the application and we’ll reach out to you to join the party that is The Rival at NYU. Help us to revolutionize campus news, talk in depth about shit that NYU students actually care about, and eat sushi while sitting on the floor in a circle.

We know it’s finals season and we’re all dead inside, but this is the chance to join a project that is gaining speed across the country, exciting and engaging students from here to U Miami, Syracuse, American, Notre Dame, Duke, GW, and many others. NYU students are undoubtedly a part of the most diverse and unique student body, so let’s start conversations and build connections that finally reflect that. We want to create a community that is interconnected across boundaries of schools, programs, majors, nationalities, living situations, sports, study abroad programs, clubs, and everything that makes our student body such a varied, constantly changing, and thriving entity.

We’re looking for more voices, for more experiences and more opinions, and for individuals who will help us capture the outstanding culture here at NYU. Fill out the application below to be a part of our already stunning team.