What the heck is in the middle of Astor Place?

212 To My City | Mareah Younes | May 9, 2016

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It’s the question that lots of us have been asking, and so here’s the answer: A super cool program called NYCxDESIGN. Basically it’s a collection of events and exhibitions you’ll be able to see from May 3rd to the 17th. So yes, you have two weeks exactly to take advantage of free art around the city.

I’m serious. Obviously, you’d be a sniveling fool to not take advantage of this. There are even free  limo-bus-like shuttles that will take you to other exhibitions! The topics NYCxDESIGN covers includes: architecture, design education, tech, crafts, engineering, fashion, film/media/tv, furniture, interior design,product design,theater/set/costume, urban design,and more. So, basically, there’s something for everyone. AND IT’S FREE.
With this lovely link: http://nycxdesign.com/event/ you can see exactly where certain events are, and when you can attend them. There are events and exhibits throughout all 5 boroughs, so you really have no excuse to not at least see some of it… odds are you already have. But really, I highly recommend attending at least parts of this lovely event. It obviously took a lot of people and work to put it together, and I’m sure that if you were to look, you’d find something that would tickle your fancy and get your creative juices flowing. So take some friends or just a notebook and enjoy, learn, and DESIGN!