Ana Lopez

Writer | College of Arts and Science


  • Color Coding Cat Callers

    A color coding system for catcalling-hard hat workers has been cre

  • Whistleblowers Aren’t Heroes or Villains: They’re Acting Citizens

    The first trailer for “Snowden,” the film about Edward Snowden and his journey to being one of America’s most wanted whistleblowers, was

  • New York’s Primary Results

    This past Tuesday, New York finally got to speak up in this presidential election, and guess what? They said just about what everyone else is saying. Donald Trump won the Republican primary with

  • Full of Stagnation?

    A couple months ago, the highly-anticipated revival of Full House, “Fuller House,” was released on Netflix. A whole generation of Full House watchers dived right into the new show, ready to indulg

  • Equality For Terrorism

    New York City is not only one of the most important cities in the world, but one of the most heavily targeted. Just last year, terrorists implied their intent to make NYC their next target for atta

  • Obama takes Cuba

    This past Sunday, March 20th, President Barack Obama became the first standing US presiden