Maya Mahmud

Writer | Liberal Studies/ Steinhardt

“The trinity: Ri,Bey,Nicki”

  • BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Knows Nothing About Anything

    Although I’ve found Donald Trump’s excessive media presence nauseating, the Republican primary candidate recently had an interview with the editorial board of The Washington Post that truly highli

  • WTF Am I Paying For?

    Like most parents, my father is extremely concerned with the amount of debt I will be taking in after my four years at NYU. Being an intelligent man with a dorky sense of humor, my father thought it w

  • #SexWeek: Harmony & Sodomy

    Despite the fact that NYU’s lack of a campus shoves the reality of post-college life down our throats, going to this school can be a lot like living in a socially liberal bubble. While we are not al