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“Knope, Swanson '16”

  • What the heck is in the middle of Astor Place?

    It’s the question that lots of us have been asking, and so here’s the answer: A super cool program called NYCxDESIGN. Basically it’s a collection of events and exhibitions you’ll be able to se

  • The Government Paid for Me To See This

    Friday the 22nd, I found myself in Chinatown, watching short films in Cantonese, with tears down my cheeks. It was because these films were so powerful, so fascinating, so poignant. At the Hong Kong C

  • The Medieval Castle... in Manhattan

    Consider this your guide to "getting out of Manhattan" without actually getting out of Manhattan. When I took the A train up to 190th street, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. And s

  • Third North One-Pot Pasta

    So recently, my roommate and I really got into "The Barefoot Contessa" thanks to a promotional Vice article. If you don't know the show, basically Ina Garten strolls around her house in the Hamptons,

  • #StudentProfileWeek: Anjana Sreedhar, IR Major by Day, Superhero by Night

    Who is Anjana Sreedhar you might ask? Well first, I'm surprised you had to ask... I mean she has leadership positions for days and is super outgoing, but let's start by saying this: Anjana is currentl

  • April Fool Me

    Do your friends ever ask you to send them things from New York, because... well it's New York? Yeah, me too, so I thought with April Fool's coming up, I could get a little creative. So you have two