Tatiana Youpa

Writer | Tisch

“Hometown: NorCal, USA”

  • Student Spotlight: Yonatan Weinstein | Tischues Vol. 4

    At NYU, we are very lucky to be surrounded by people who come from all over the world and have wildly different backgrounds. But sadly, we don’t always get the opportunity to meet all these people.

  • #StudentProfileWeek: Show Two 2016 | Tischues Vol. 3

    Spring is here, and once again, it is time to begin our farewell to seniors. After four years at Tisch, a photography student leaves with a portfolio of outstanding works. What better place to share

  • 50 Years of Tisch | Tischues Vol. 2

    If you are a Tisch student, you may have noticed the gold balloons decorating the lobby or the free breakfast and lunches being served recently (The croissants are my favorite--I grab as many as I can

  • Tisch at the Oscars | Tischues Vol. 1

    Oscar season is upon us again for the 88th consecutive year. NYU Tisch is celebrating eight alumni who are receiving nominations in eight different categories this year. This is an increase from last