The Rival

  • Apply for The Rival at NYU

    WE WANT YOU. As we all ship out for summer break (either physically or mentally), The Rival is going to be making some serious changes. We're talking monumental, so that when we return from our bri

  • An Ode to Hookup Culture

    The era of genuine dates and courting seems to be long gone. To many, this is a blessing. However, there is a large community of individuals that doesn't resonate with the current practices of thi

  • #420BlazeIt

    No matter how you spend your 4/20 (hosting a kickback in a tiny apartment, relaxing in the shade at Central Park, crammed in the bathroom of your dorm with a towel under the door, etc.) you're going t

  • Asepsis Recruiting Leaders for Clean Water Campaign

    The world’s leading killer is not a terrorist organization, government, cigarettes, or even guns. The world’s leading cause of death is far more subtle and far more widespread: waterborne diseas

  • The Pros and Cons of Adderall

    PRO: high thoughts I feel like a lightening bolt. I am the embodiment of intellectual precision. Everything I do from now on will get me that much closer to my goal. I must

  • March Madness Brackets: NYU Schools Division | The Finals

    It's the showdown between the two schools which breed arguably the worst people ever: CAS vs. Stern. Disgusting amounts of coffee were consumed, protein shakes were shaken, and