Remington Parker

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  • Non-Racist or Anti-Racist?

    As a European-Native American mix—or as I’m usually called, a “white girl”—it generally feels out of place to have any opinion on the race issue other than the popular opinion of the non-whi

  • NYU Cheaper for You?

    So, can NYU really be made cheaper for you? Well, not if none of us ever even ask for it to be made so. Last week we all received—and maybe automatically deleted—the email from Ellen Shall (AKA

  • Ready to Let More Refugees into America?

    So how do you feel about letting more migrants into America? Does your answer change if I say refugees instead of migrants? Does your answer change again if I say that we are talking about millions of

  • An Open Letter To Super PACs

    Dear Super PACs, Please fund our education. Thanks to the internet, I recently discovered how truly super you are at gatheri

  • I have a Degree, Why Won't You Hire Me?

    "Only 17% of students have a job lined up for their post graduation life." Well this is terrif

  • Are College Kids the Most Unreliable Vote?

    Well, I hope not. This week, the vice provost and director of the Judy Ford Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University, Quetin Kidd, wrote in the